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Here is the solution to your problems

Choose a basic item. Talk to our experts over chat, mail or call, givng your specifications and requirements. And they will tell you the corresponding charges.


Pay a 40% advance by any means convenient to you while placing the order and the rest once you receive the product.


Rate us and let us know your feedback, so that we can improve our services.

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About Us

This store was founded by a girl who dreamt of giving the world love. In the world of instant gratification, the practice and tradition of taking our time and making custom gifts have slowly receded into the depths of our memories. To add to that the busy schedule of our lives, we havent been able to give enough time to think in such ways, forget about the actual execution. When going to the store and buying something is so easy the only fear besides the budget that we often have is that make the person already has this item!

Handicrafts brought into the modern day
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